Man when I first started here, I was all gunned up (meaning I had little to no ability to move into any workout positions). Well now I can touch not only my toes but I can touch the floor!! Knees straight and all!! For the first time in 4 years!!! This guy has opened my eyes to brand new possibilities! I now have more stamina I’m more flexible and he pushes me to get to and PASS my goals! It’s amazing what has transpired in the little time that I have been here. I can’t wait to see what is to come!!
— Braylon McNealy
Andrew is an exceptional coach, loyal friend and loving husband and father. I first met Drew by way of my chiropractor Jason Garwood. When I first started training with Drew I had no concept of CrossFit or movement mechanics. After completing my first workout or W.O.D. as we call it I was hooked. My passion for CrossFit and the community it provides has changed my life. The patience and seemingly infinite wisdom of Andrew has played a
critical role in that change. Drew is a goal oriented individual. He is highly disciplined on mechanics, and understands the way the body was designed to move. If you give him clear goals for yourself, be ready to be challenged to meet and surpass those goals with proper movement. My passion and Drew’s commitment motivated me to pursue a career coaching CrossFit at More Fire. I look forward to the future, and feel grateful to have Drew as my coach, mentor and friend. Training at More Fire isn’t just a gym it’s a community and my family.
— Jason Lucia
The time spent with Andrew training was invaluable. I spent approximately 4 month with Andrew in preparation for my wedding. At the first session, Andrew inquired about my goals and tailored my workout so I could actively participate in my weight loss. He also taught the fundamentals of muscle anatomy and physiology. This helped me better understand how certain exercises worked. Since my training has stopped, I continue to use his skills of calorie counting, breathing techniques and stretching that Andrew taught me!! Oh, I did achieve my goal of losing 10 pounds. I would recommend his services to anyone because they work!!
— Tometricia Brown, MD
I started working out at More Fire CrossFit to prepare myself for the Tough Mudder obstacle course. I always thought of myself as being in good shape. Andrew has helped me reach a significantly higher level of fitness. He’s a great motivator, and has educated me on the mechanics of many of the exercises. I think I will be doing CrossFit for the rest of my life.
— Jason Garwood, DC
Great environment, truly a family atmosphere. Andrew has an in-depth knowledge of fitness and sports medicine. In addition to rehabilitation from a painful knee injury from marathon training, I’ve also become fitter than ever overall. I’d recommend anyone to come join.
— Jeremy Reneau
The man is a genius and gifted trainer. He knows what to teach and how to teach it. He knows how to help you improve and pushes you to do so. I can’t speak highly enough about coach Jones.
— Jeffrey Terch
Tough trainer even with family, but awesome! He can take a simple routine and give you a full exhausting workout. He challenges you to challenge yourself and knows how to cater to all body types. And these are exercises he does himself. He occasionally does the workout with you so you know it can be done! Also coaches you on what to eat depending on what your goals are.
— Eric Sweeting
Just finished one hour of running, 1210 calories. This time last year I couldn’t run for 15 minutes. If you’re serious about getting into shape and need one-on-one training in the Birmingham area, check out More Fire CrossFit and holler at my boy Drew. If you just need some tips you can check out the website. My man is dedicated and passionate about what he does. 13% body fat lost since starting with Drew last year.
— Raheem Ruffin
Educational, inspiring, foundational are a few words that describe my experience with Andrew Jones. After being involved in a car accident and having injured a hip and my lower back, I sought the services of Andrew Jones at the advice of my doctor. Little did I know that his thorough fitness techniques would repair the injured hip and lower back but it also brought me into a state of fitness I have not experienced in years. The educational aspect of the training gave me the wisdom of the why, how, when and where about my body from nutrition, flexibility, metabolism, aerobics to strength building. Most importantly, Andrew empowered me to continue what he had taught me over many month to continue to do as a lifestyle focus beyond my time with him. Thanks Andrew!
— Greg Lancaster
I’ve worked with a lot of trainers through my football career. Coach Jones is by far the most talented.
— Sam McLure
Thanks to Andrew, we were near the gym over the holidays and I wanted a box to come and workout over the holidays. He was welcoming and spent over an hour helping me work on a handstand position. Something new to me and he really built my confidence in just the short time I was with him. I told my husband if we lived in Pelham this would be my gym. Do yourself a favor and go join them for a class!
— Tammy Pulsifer
Make a real change this year instead of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Come try out CrossFit. More Fire will help you obtain your life and fitness goals. My journey there started with getting the boys in for agility training and now it’s my addiction, my therapy, my avenue to being my best self.
— Keely Berry, MSN

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