"Build better humans by transforming people from healthy to bionic"

Our mission at More Fire is to take people from healthy to bionic. Firstly, we work with you to establish your goals.  Once we have identified your unique goals, we create a path to help you achieve them.  All we ask is that you show up, listen, hustle & try your best.  Our primary tool used to achieve your goals is the basic CrossFit methodologies which we'll teach you all about, along the way.

what is crossfit





By design, our training program is broad, general, and inclusive because CrossFit's specialty is, not specializing. More Fire CrossFit began as a small garage home gym in the Andrew’s basement and developed into a significantly larger commercial athletic community.  The motivation from inception was simply to help individuals get healthy and then transform their fitness into bionic levels. Similar to the CrossFit tag line of Forging Elite Fitness. Some people have initially seen our athletes & thought they wouldn't fit in or rather too out of shape to train with us. Don't be that person!  


At More Fire CrossFit we’re proud to welcome you into our program. We aim to ensure athletes are receiving proper coaching and a positive experience. All activities are scalable to all ability levels, meaning no matter your age, experience, or fitness level we will help you achieve your fitness goals. Participants experience a challenging yet fun workout every session. Expect a mixture of modalities: bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, mobility exercises, agility drills, medicine balls, core strengthening, plyometics, rope climbing, running and much more. New comers get taught the foundations of how things operate at More Fire CrossFit through our 1-on-1 on-ramping program, while our more experienced athletes continue honing their skills and fitness in our group classes..

In addition to our group classes (WODs), we assist with a number of other private and semi-private concerns, such as sports specific training, home gym advice, balance training, and other athletic offerings to suit your individual 1-on1 personal training needs.

Primarily what’s needed, is for you to set some personal goals, have a willingness to learn and to give whole hearted effort with a coachable attitude.  As goal orientated coaches, this is a labor of love, so undetermined individuals without goals may not be a great fit. However if you have goals related to health & fitness that you really want to accomplish, then there is possibly, no better place for you to be. When you’re ready to succeed, give us a call.